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п»ї01. 09 Pre-writing Procedure

Narrative Planner—" The Pomegranate Seeds"

Who also? В Describe the character whose story you plan to see. В

California king Pluto appears to be wealthy man, a man it doesn't seem to be content because he doesn't have the things that this individual wants. В

Character Name: King Pluto

How might you describe this character?

So why?

Physical Appearance

We would describe Ruler Pluto as a tall white colored guy with black curly hair and within a Greek mythology robe В



King Pluto is a rich man that is certainly looking for anyone to someone to look after his requirements. So whenever a young lady moves by the beach destination he comes from underground to adopt the young lady to his home to satisfy his wants and needs. В


The character's attitude is very decided.

The character's attitude is incredibly determined.

What? В Turmoil


Conflict Experienced

How can this persona respond?

California king Pluto comes from underground following noticing a girl wandering by seaside and ends up kidnap Proserpina and taker her back to his palace on her behalf to be his maid. В В

King Pluto has a new maid to take to his structure since he kidnapped Proserpina. В В King Pluto features Proserpina perform all of his

would like and needs about his structure.


Publish some words and phrases or key phrases that will help you identify the establishing of your tale. Where do the events come about? What does this look like right now there? What does it feel like right now there? В

The setting in the story is in King Pluto's hide out by the seaside as well as the forest; we have a shady path with forest on each affiliate with the sound of waves and a view with the ocean.



Program the course of events in the narrative.


The start of the story will begin off with King Pluto settling Proserpina in to his palace getting her ready for the job penalized his maid. When all of a sudden Proserpina neglects King Pluto because your woman falls in a flash back side of her mother " Ceres" telling her not to get seaside.