Essay on 104 Syllabus

UGBA 104 Analytic Decision Building Using Spreadsheets

Haas College of Business

Fall 2014

By a lot of estimates, because of in part to the Internet, we generate zettabytes (billion gigabytes) of information each year. This flood of data is transforming every aspect of business from financing to advertising to manufacturing. In this course, we will establish the basic equipment for exploiting data running a business decision-making. Whether interested in finance and wish to stability a stock portfolio between risk and come back, an Internet entrepreneur designing a Google AdWords plan, or the subsequent Michael Dell, managing products on hand and assembly from your dorm room, this course introduces the data-driven, analytical solution strategies to the common, underlying business problems. Even though the underlying ideas, models, and methods of this program are mathematical in nature, we will develop them using the same instrument used by the financial experts on Wall Street, by the venture capitalists upon Sand Slope Road, and by the countless online companies in San francisco: Excel spreadsheets. This course examines all measures in constructing a great analytical version: defining problems, developing a version, developing a remedy, testing the perfect solution, analyzing the economic inference of effects, and understanding how the models' results be based upon the data upon which it is primarily based. You will learn to use Excel add-ins for resolving constrained search engine optimization problems and running Mucchio Carlo ruse. Throughout the course we will certainly emphasize organized, logical thinking, and find solutions to problems, illustrated because they build and examining models of various problems in operations, financing, and marketing. In this way, this program also will in order to integrate various functional regions of management on the common chart platform. Management Information


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