A Study upon Customer Satisfaction Towards Fixed Series Telephones with Special Reference to Bsnl Chennai Telephones Dissertation


Telecommunication is recognized, world over, as a key factor in the development of social, economical, commercial and cultural actions. The development of telecommunication infrastructure will probably play a larger role in meeting the diverse demands of people and improving their very own quality of life through inter-linked progress many other industries. ‘Telecommunication' in ITU parlance covers a really wide variety of software program as audio & tv set broadcasting, space communications, aeronautical and maritime mobile marketing and sales communications, radio-location and radio-navigation systems, radio astronomy, meteorological assists and providers, radio newbies, etc, aside from the public telecoms services. You will find large telecommunication networks belonging to railways, defense and Para-military organizations, regulation and buy services (police etc), community utility organizations like electrical energy grids, transport organizations, municipal services, countrywide and intercontinental telecommunications companies – equally government and private, civil aviators department and airlines, shipping and delivery & port authorities, nicely TV broadcasting organizations, meteorological department, olive oil exploration, finalizing and circulation companies, huge private corporations, etc . 1 . 1 . one particular STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

The customer satisfaction is the main target of every organization organization. From this competitive business scenario each and every activity starts and ends with the consumer. In the present circumstance, the telecommunication is lifeblood for every organization activities. In spite of a well-established network and infrastructure helping, certain providers weren't able to root all their footsteps on the market due to absence in customer service and customer satisfaction. BSNL, as being a public sector obviously offers good brand awareness among the people though there is a growing closure of fixed range services. Thus, this study is useful intended for BSNL to know the objectives and requirements of Customers and may serve these questions better approach. 1 . 1 ) 2 NEED OF THE STUDY

In this competitive arena connection plays a huge role so the Telecom Industries are definitely the major source for conversation. BSNL, like a public sector obviously have to compete with various players. So it is very essential intended for the company to understand the influence of numerous demographic variables that affect the satisfaction level and to know the requirements and anticipations to succeed the minds of the clients. The current trend in telecom sector is definitely churning away of landline services while younger generations are inclined towards mobile than the wired collection telephone. In terms of the income from telephone service is involved, the major income is from wired range services than the mobile providers. Hence, research on fulfillment of customers regarding the landline solutions is very important in this juncture to control the surrenders of landline in BSNL. This study will help BSNL to know the customer pleasure and requirement regarding the landline services and improve it is services consequently to maximize the profits. Chennai area is focused upon since the metro city is one of the top revenue making units of BSNL. Also, Chennai is the most favoured place to go for IT and automobile industries. 1 . two OBJECTIVES WITH THE STUDY


To examine the customer fulfillment level towards landline service provided by BSNL and to give suggestions based upon the study to enhance the pleasure level of consumers.


2. To find out the awareness of customers regarding the various services given by BSNL. * To identify the satisfaction degree of customers regarding the various companies of BSNL especially the fixed line solutions. * To discover the objectives and requirements of customers in fixed line services of BSNL. 5. To identify the techniques to connect the distance if any between the client...