Task 2 Essay

Task 2

CYP 3. 1-3. 1

The right way to monitor children and youthful people's expansion using diverse methods The main methods are health examination from overall health visitors and doctors, to evaluate children are healthy and balanced and reaching health and development targets. For example the Apgar score assesses the health of baby at birth. Childcare practitioners and educators monitor in education, through early years base stage users to ensure children are achieving developmental goals in all respects of learning. The single profiles are then simply used to inform the higher levels (Key Stage 1) of teaching and learning, of the actual children possess achieved up to age 5. Childcare experts tend to work with key activity plans and narrative or long findings to record a child's progress in conjunction with the EYFS framework. For example when looking at PSE Making Human relationships there is an element called recognising familiar encounters, where the doctor could use photographs of along with people who are familiar to the kid. Asking the child to point to or identity who is in the pictures. This may be checked off if these people were able to accomplish that and recorded as to how they undertook the work. In my location they also make use of photographic proof to supplement the record. These photos have comments on the particular child has achieved mounted on them, and are also then put in the child's record. In placement We record a children's progress by timed sample, checklists and narrative findings. Key activity plans cover a group of kids while timed sampling, verify lists and narrative observations covers a person child. CYP 3. 1- 3. 3, CYP several. 7- a few. 1

The actual impact of disability, exceptional requirements (additional needs) and attitudes about positive final results for children and young people within the outcomes and life likelihood of children and young people The actual impact of disability means that children having a disability will be needing additional support in the areas of development, care and education. This...