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п»їExamination Information

This is a 3 hour closed book written examination, really worth 70% communicate final class. The exam will have 6 inquiries, covering computational and discursive aspects of the syllabus. You'll be required to answer a required question of 40 signifies in section A and 3 concerns from a few optional inquiries in section B. Query in section B happen to be worth 20 marks every.

Note that the depth of knowledge than in the in-class test will be required to gain fair marks.

The revising pack is made up past Financial questions & suggested observing scheme. It is vital to note the pack must not be used entirely for your revising. You are required to use all of your lecture, workshop and check materials as well.

Revision Period 1

Issues (Merger & Acquisitions/ Expense Appraisal /WACC)

Lecture Query –(Q4) and (Q40)

Workshop Question -- (Q28)

Support Class Issue – (Q6)

Revision Treatment 2

Topics (Finance Function / Profile Theory / Working capital management)

Lecture Issue –(Q24) & (Q10)

Seminar Question -- (Q36)

Support Class Issue - (Q23)

Revision Program 3

Matters (Bond & Equity value / Rights Issue)

Lecture Question –(Q12) & (Q43)

Seminar Problem - (Q26)

Support Category Question -- (Q45)

Meaning of instruction words

Review -Determine and explain the constituent parts of…. Make clear - Make clear more obviously the meaning of…..

Compare (with)-Explain similarities and differences between ….. Criticise-Present the errors in a theory or plan or thoughts and opinions. Discuss-Explain the opposing fights

Justify- Condition adequategrounds for…..


State- Express

Approach to answering examination questions -- Tips

Your time first few small of the assessment reading the paper and decide on which usually question you can do. Separate the time you may spend on questions in proportion towards the marks available. Unless you find out exactly how...