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IIBM Institute of Business Administration Examination Paper SubjectCode-B105 Organizational Behaviour Section A: Objective Type & Short Concerns (30 marks) п‚· п‚· п‚· This section consists of Multiple Choice and short records type concerns Answer the questions. Part one carries you mark every and part two bears 5 represents each. MILLIMETER. 100

Portion A: Multiple Choices: 1 ) Which of the following can be not comes under Maslow‟s needs theory? 1 . Sociable needs installment payments on your Affiliation demands 3. Physical needs four. Specification requirements 2 . Collegial model is an extension of: a. Encouraging model w. Autocratic model c. Custodial model m. None with the above 3. Sigmund Freud‟s theory upon personality is usually: a. Related with moral values b. Related to sexual principles c. Related to social principles d. Related with parental beliefs

4. An individual who moves quickly, talk speedily, usually rapide, measures success by amount is a person of: a. Class A personality type b. Course B personality type c. Class C personality type d. Course AB character type five. According to Maslow‟s will need hierarchy theory esteem will need comes at__________ position via bottom: a. 2nd n. 3rd c. 4th d. 5th

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Examination Paper of Organizational Behavior 6. Informal communication is usually called: a. Grapevine m. Red grape vine c. Adams communication m. Dead connection 7. Requirements related to craving for food, thirst, sleep etc . are thought as: a. Safety demands b. Physical needs c. Social needs d. Do it yourself actualization needs Horizontal expansion of a job that involves the addition of tasks for same amount of skills: a. Job enrichment b. Job rotation c. Job growth d. Administration by objectives Path objective theory of leadership is usually developed by: a. Robert R. Blake w. Charles Chicken c. Wendy fielder d. Robert Property Potential or ability to influence others within a delivered course is called: a. Politics w. Power c. Motivation g. Leadership




Part B: 1 . installment payments on your Define Bureaucracy. State the idea of „Span of Control‟.

a few. Wright a quick note upon classical health and fitness learning theory of Ivan Pavlov. 4. What are the different stages of group expansion?


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Section B: Caselets (40 marks) п‚· п‚· п‚· п‚· This section includes Caselets. Solution all the questions. Every Caselet carries 20 markings. Detailed details should constitute the part of your answer (Word limit 150 to 200 words).

Caselet 1 M/s. ABC Ltd is a medium-sized engineering business producing a large-range of catalog according to customer requirements. It has earned a good reputation as a quick and reliable distributor to it is customers due to which it is volume of business kept on raising. However , in the last one year, the Managing Representative of the business has been obtaining customer grievances due to holds off in dispatch of products with times the corporation has to shell out substantial penalty for not appointment the plan in time. The Managing Overseer convened an urgent getting together with of various useful managers to go over the issue. The marketing manager questioned the arbitrary method of giving goal to products in manufacturing line, causing gaps in desired products and over-stocking of products that happen to be not required right away. Production Control Manager complained that this individual does not have got adequate personnel to strategy and control the production function; and what ever little preparing he does, is generally overlooked by shop floor supervisor. Shop ground managers lamented of unrealistic planning, extreme machine malfunction, power failing, and deficit of materials intended for scheduled products because of which it is difficult to stick to the schedule. Protection manager says that he does not obtain important frees required for tools maintenance as a result of which he cannot restore machines at a faster rate. Inventory control manager says that similarly the company often...