Antz film study Composition

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ANTZ -- An analogy for Collectivism vs . Individualism

As you view the movie notice specific types of expressions of either collectivist principles or individualist guidelines. /4



1 ) When Z . is trying his best to encourage himself and telling Asteca that he could be insignificant, thats when your woman tells him that he doesn't be concerned about being important as it is not necessarily about him, it can be all about their very own team and community. 1 ) The launch when Z was telling us about how exactly the head with their society decided what a baby is going to be after growing up, without even thinking of what the child might want to do according to his skills. 2 . In his speech towards the soldiers, Basic Mandable explained, " A soldier sees that the life of the individual ant doesn't seriously matter, what matters is the colony. He is happy to live intended for the colony, to guard the colony and to die for the colony. ” 2 . When ever princess Municion questions her mother exactly why is she one who is designed to marry the overall and she also talks about what if she doesn't like her place. In this article she fearlessly showed her individual point of view. 3. Standard Mandable explains to the nest that Z is not really the main character, the ants working in the colony are the hero's because they are the ones covering the future of their particular colony. After they are carried out with their operate they are the types who will reap some benefits. This is every because they are a big contributors inside the development of their group. 3. Z requires Weaver about how he can handle to stand like an fool when a couple of highly placed men smirk at him, this implies that Z won't like to become under an individual. 4. Throughout the so called beginning ceremony with the mega canal the General says, " Today is the recognition of a dream, a dream of the proud colony, a pure colony, a colony reborn, after this canal is opened up the past will certainly wash away and a new day will probably be dawn. ” 4. The guy in the bar...