Apple’s Accomplishment, Service and Innovations Article

CASE: " The Success of the ipod device and iPhone raises the licensing question for Apple…. Again”

1 . Utilize Cyclic Development Model physique to illustrate the innovation process in this instance and provide a short description? Apple started in 1977 when it's first personal computer was created by Steven Jobs and Steven Wozniak. The thing that was different about the Apple Macintosh personal computer was that this used a mouse motivated operating system, that was not being used by other computer systems at the time. Microsoft company were by using a Microsoft Disk Operating System, that they can licensed to any or all other PERSONAL COMPUTER manufacturers, Apple refused to accomplish this which limited it to only people who bought Apple computers, this led to Apple's shares dropping significantly. Though Apple recently had an arguably better main system they were losing in the market, since Microsoft accredited other producers to use their operating system it became the common home system. This stubbornness though at the time found to be unreasonable at the time, has helped with their success today (Trott, G 2012). Apple's technological analysis over time (and the returning of Steven Jobs) resulted in the creation of the ipod touch. In 2001 the ipod device was launched, by 2003 the sales of the iPod greatly increased, making massive income for Apple, and offering the brand more exposure. To aid Apple deal with the market opponents they stored improving and modifying the iPod, although still having the ability to lower it is price. They did this by causing modified variations such as the iPod Shuffle, and upgrading additional models. Apple has ongoing to upgrade and invent new products to keep its buyers and entice new kinds. This has been done through the iMac, iPod, apple ipad tablet and i phone, adding new technological features, such as providing phones additional multipurpose uses such as an iPod replace as well as the invention of the ‘apps store'. Their very own technological developments to make the products do all sorts of amazing the euphoric pleasures has offered them...

Sources: Trott, paul. 2012 development management and new product advancement 5th edition. prentice hall/pearson