Essay upon Arch 150 Quiz a couple of

UW Section of Structure Quiz two VERSION A + M

Arch a hundred and fifty Spring 2012


Questions regarding Image Collection 1: Hold, Athens info. The entrance to this web page, visible in the foreground at the lower correct, is called the: a. Erechtheion b. Parthenon c. Serenidad of Hera d. Stoa of Attalus e. Propylaia 102. The primary temple demonstrated at the upper right is dedicated to: a. Athena b. Erectheus c. Portunus d. Aphrodite 103. The principal function in the main forehead shown at the upper right is: a. an interior gathering space for worshippers b. a venue pertaining to religious games c. a family house for the statue of the god or goddess g. a curtain high on a hill 104. The site shown in prepare and renovation is known as the: a. Wonderful Temple b. Agora c. Acropolis m. Sanctuary at the. Palace Inquiries about Picture Set two: Great Stupa, Sanchi one zero five. This building complex is sacred to: a. Greeks b. Hindus c. Persians d. Buddhists 106. The main dome-shaped building functioned mainly as a: a. tomb m. gopuram c. treasury deb. reliquary 107. This building is in: a. Angkor Wat b. Madurai c. Sanchi d. Karli Questions regarding Image Collection 3: (questions continue on following page) Burial place of Qin Shi Huangdi 108. Generally speaking, the historic architecture from this culture could be characterized since: a. focused so as to highlight the equal rights of all users of world. b. widely influenced by outside civilizations. c. subject to dramatic within short durations. d. carefully aligned together with the cardinal details (north, southern, east, west).

Questions about Image Set 3: (continued) 109. This kind of monument was built for: a. a Buddhist deity w. an chief c. a goddess deb. contemplation 110. Which of these statements FINEST applies to this website? a. It really is modeled within the mandala. n. It fortified the country against invasion. c. It remains partially unexcavated. d. This housed the relics of Buddha. at the. It organised games praising the gods.

Answer every single question true (a) or false (b): 111. Curve and concrete are the new...