Asdfsf Analysis Paper

A Lifetime Arranging a Successful Long term

Bahador Rahimi

PSY 202

Dr . Nilai Boyd


I. In which are you from?

a. Usa

b. Tehran

c. Tehranpars County

II. What points do you remember from your childhood?

d. A whole lot of movements from one apartment to another

electronic. Discrimination at school as a result of my religion

f. My father's bankruptcy

g. Most youthful child of three males

III. Precisely what are some of your selected memories?

h. Summer next to Caspian Sea

my spouse and i. Playing Ping-Pong with my buddies after college

IV. What were you enjoy as a young adult?

j. Occupied three distinct countries. Iran, Turkey, and USA e. Trying to settle in one spot to be able to do my strategies l. Planning, Planning, and Planning

Versus. What careers have you had in your existence?

m. Cashier at a Chevron gas station

and. English Educator in a refugee camp for United Nations. um. Logistics Supervisor for Apria Healthcare

l. Assistant manager pertaining to Domino's Lasagna

VI. Are these the best greatest achievements so far?

queen. Bought a property when I was 21 years of age

r. Two promotions in a year at Apria Healthcare

s. Keeping up with university while doing work fulltime

VII. What are your personal, professional, and academic goals? t. Work in executive level in Apria Healthcare

u. Continue my education to Masters and PHD running a business v. Having an educated and successful family

A Lifetime Arranging a Successful Foreseeable future

What do you want to be in the future? What size do you want your house to be? What type of car? Do you want to also stay in Iran or stay in another nation? These were the questions Specialists myself like a kid ?nternet site was developing up. Most youthful of three boys, I had been born within a Baha'i relatives in an Islamic country, Serbia. Observing my parents going through the daily road blocks of existence made me an individual who always planned for foreseeable future. Looking at the very last 23 years of my...

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