Axe Apply Commercial Composition

Responsable Spray Industrial

" The AXE Effect - Ladies - Billions”

I chose the " AXE Effect -- Women - Billions” (Axe Spray) video advertisement since it draws its male target audience into the industrial because of all of the gorgeous girls in that. its your brand of men grooming items, owned by British/Dutch organization Unilever and marketed towards young males. This company has been selling the product since 1983. Unilever is known as a British–Dutch multinational consumer goods company. Its products include food, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Unilever were unable to work with the brand Axe in great britain and Ireland due to brand problems so it was launched while Lynx (called Axe in America).

The commercial is usually 58 secs long as well as the setting from the commercial is a lot like a Carribbean terrain appear. Trees, forest, mountains, and clear green beaches. Similar is successful at capturing and holding the viewers interest because of what they used in the commercial. The commercial include these overly attractive females in two piece bikinis that are represented as players. They're running/fighting going through all kinds of obstacles including, running straight down mountains/valleys, swimming across the sea, running through forest pushing each other for to one issue. That one point is a person on this seaside by himself spraying two bottles of axe on his body system. It looks like he knows what the outcome will probably be at the end, and he includes a big laugh on his deal with while content spinning slowly in circles. The background music is that powerful opera music in all actions movies through the climax. You will discover 3 types of girls in bikinis. If you pay close attention the brunettes would be the girls in debt bikinis. The blondes would be the girls inside the green sexy bikinis, and the blue/black bikinis really are a mix of both brunettes and blondes.

The commercial speaks pertaining to itself. It can be intended for men to believe that, if you spray this product in your body, this makes a your new chance not to be alone want you. This advertising campaign...