Biopsychosocial Examination of Composition

Biopsychosocial Examination of

Karen Andrade

Maricruz Martinez

Preliminary to Gerontology

Professor Haldeman, PhD

April 13, 2013

Maria Andrade is 79 years old. Your woman came to America as a Cuban refugee when justin was 20. Your woman was raised simply by her grandparents in Emborrachar. She began working when justin was 14. When she found its way to Miami, the girl was able to get part time work and instantly enrolled himself in ESL classes. Afterwards she joined community school for about couple of years. She in that case moved to Los Angeles due to being accepted to UCLA wherever she attained a PURSE in Sociology and a Masters' in corporate Administration. She worked for any private bank for about twenty four years wherever she attained her current husband. She now functions for the Department of Public Social Services exactly where she has recently been working for regarding 25 years and is also planning on retiring in the near future. This wounderful woman has been working for the past 49 years low -stop excluding the years the girl worked in Cuba.

Maria did marry at the age of 30 and have been married as. I recollect Maria saying that though she is getting excited about retirement and loves her husband quite definitely, one reason she is certainly not looking forward to retirement is due to the fact that she'll now have to pay the majority of her time with her spouse. She feels the particular one of the reasons they have had a long good marriage arrives in part that she and her partner have not had to spend almost all their time with each other and have been capable to have independent lives from each other because of both of them having full time employment with different schedules. The reason I actually mention the marriage is because this wounderful woman has been earning a living for 49 as well as years and so, she will will have to adjust to a new life that does not include job. Maria also stated that whenever she retires she will have the ability to spend more time with her grandchildren and close friends and family. She will continue to be effective by growing plants, walking, going swimming and...