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My definition of a hero:

In my experience, a main character is somebody who can show bravery when facing a problem, Who Is able to help another in a variety of ways, somebody who is there to help others and provides them power to go on through life's difficulties. A hero could be someone who would give up his or her lifestyle so one other could live. A hero does not always have to show valor, he can be worried, but can still be a leading man through his other actions. A main character could also be anyone who has achieved something which people very seldom attain. A main character could also be somebody who helps with little things like assisting others whenever they don't understand, A hero must be able to lead by example, become brave, selflessness, caring, kind, giving, self-confident, loyal, centered, and might sacrifice.

Potential Scholars:

Shifra Ross

Robyn Lesch

Megan Williams

Danielle Gardiner

Martine Kawalsky

Daniel Zawistowski

Tomek Zawistowski

Liam Lloyd

Michael Mongie

Saige Brophy

Julia Clothier

Richard Wollboldt

Garth Baker

Jesse Daniels

Dylan Pebbles

Done by: Dannika Essl

Quality: 8D

English- Mrs Claassen


1 ) What is your meaning of a leading man?

2 . What qualities do you think a leading man should have?

several. Do you discover yourself like a hero?

four. Why or why not?

5. Have you have you ever been a leader/prefect etc? State where.

six. What are your strengths

7. Are these the best weaknesses?

eight. What accomplishments have you manufactured in your life up to now?

9. What would you even now like to obtain?

10. Who will be your main character and why?

11. If you were chosen to obtain the MHS Leading man Award, just how would you truly feel?

People interviewed:

1 . Rich Wollboldt (Grade 10)

2 . Liam Lloyd (Grade 9)

3. Eileen Mongie (Grade 8)

some. Megan Williams (Grade 8)

5. Robyn Lesch (Grade 8)

six. Melissa vehicle Heerden (Grade 12)

Prospect 1: Richard Wollboldt

1 . What is your meaning of a main character?

To me, a hero is usually someone who you are able to look up to and who you may aspire to.

installment payments on your What qualities do you think a hero needs to have?

A main character must still be a human. Just the qualities that made the face my hero. For example , were living the same your life as myself.

3. Will you see your self as a main character?

No, nevertheless others may.

4. For what reason or obtain?

I don't believe anyone might see me as a main character.

5. Perhaps you have ever been a leader/prefect and so forth State where.

Yes, a leader in various clubs and camps during my major school profession.

6. What do you think are the most effective strengths?

My spouse and i am often positive, good leader, always push harder and for a longer time than someone else.

7. What are your weaknesses?

I will get disappointed with my team members.

8. What successes have you manufactured in your life until now?

There are a few. I actually can't keep in mind all of them, nevertheless making T. P sailing and Athletics are some of them.

9. What would you still like to attain?

I want to help to make W. G and SA Rugby.

15. Who is your hero and why?

Franscois Steyn. Having been the most youthful person to become Springbok (rugby).

11. In the event that you where chosen to get the MHS Leading man Award, how would you think? I would experience honoured.

Candidate 2: Liam Lloyd

1 . What is your definition of a hero?

A leading man means to always be someone that persons can look about by doing some thing great.

installment payments on your What attributes do you think a hero needs to have?

A main character should be able to become confident and enthusiastic in everything they are doing.

3. Will you see yourself as a main character?

No .

5. Why or perhaps why not?

I haven't carried out anything that is as good as be a hero.

5. Have you ever ever been a leader/prefect etc . State where.

I was a prefect in Grade 7 in principal school.

6th. What are your strengths?

My talents are to be able to talk to any person without reluctance and leading a group in just about any given task.

7. What do you think are the most effective weaknesses?

My personal weakness is that I shed focus very easily when leading a group.

almost 8. What successes have you manufactured in your life up to now?

I've received MVP awards for three diverse sports. We have made the very first Team Dance shoes in class 9 and have received a large number of academic awards in main...