C5 Composition



This section will go over the synopsis of data in which the researchers collected through mental surveys and reliable sources such as company staffs and company data. Conclusion with the study will probably be revealed and recommendations were provided. Summary

The study is usually primarily targeted at ScalPack Area.

As a result of customer issues, company goes through preliminary exploration to identify the region of misprocess that resulted to combining of a lot during the development. Before the issue has experienced, the mag contains greatest five a lot at a time. Runcards were positioned on top of the publication without proper agreements. No Initial in- First out Basis. The concept of " Cassette Modification” is being implemented and simulated in some areas to indicate that the proposal is best method to get rid of combine up. When it comes to financial feature, the project is for some reason feasible in case the company can think the long run effect of that to the output matters. It is a non-profit task yet peace of mind to a top quality product is evident. Conclusion

Researchers conclude the situation for Scalpack Location is the most complicated areas in STMicroelectronics. It hardly needs systematized procedures to assure the quality of the product. Having a safer interference of operator with all the job is the best way to remove any chance of mix up. Quality was assured by doing this. Recommendations

Since ScalPack is simply the scope from the implementation, the researchers advise to implement the Adjustment of Cassette on the complete production not merely at the Scalpack but also for Micromodule, Pre-Assembly, Assembly (FOL and EOL), Ensure that you Finish and Packing place. It has been proven the fact that proposal provides a strong spine enough to implement flower wide. Avoidance is always better than cure!