Cultural Invasion Essay

Ali Imran Hashmi G-2

Trouble and Option

Cultural breach in Pakistan

The invasion of any kind of nation to destroy the enemy‘s interior structure and values is named the cultural invasion. These kinds of invasions are usually planned and cause various problems in respect to their intensities. Pakistani tradition is also facing many tests and difficulties due to the ethnic invasion simply by India. Were losing each of our legendary values and values. The Of india cultural can be prevailing like the darkness. Our younger era is demonstrating more habits towards it and our Pakistani traditions is seen hardly ever among them. We are able to use our media, educational institutes and seminars to promote our culture. American indian culture is definitely eating up our principles and ethics. Pakistan began on basis of different civilizations. Muslims needed a free area to live in accordance to their own culture. As they got it, they will established an excellent Islamic culture in which they will educated and trained their children well. But as the time approved, people started to forget the true spirit lurking behind the creation of the region and got regular towards watching and tuning in Indian videos and songs. Those movies caused bad affects factor of the people and they implemented their models and behaviors. Now, Indian movies and dramas will be watched throughout our nation which is bringing disastrous results. In order to stop it, we have to ban all of the Indian channels and showcase Pakistani tradition through each of our dramas and plays. The younger generation is displaying more habits towards Of india culture while evil deeds are always appealing than the righteous one. Cinemas are overcrowded while the mosques are empty. Teenagers experience proud to look like a hero plus the people who comply with Islam are thought as narrow minded. That they spend countless numbers on their dressing and looks, while that they change their very own route by seeing a bad on the way. A lot of people are not providing their plea and many of us are fresh to our...