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Bonnie Flaig


you August 2014

The best surprise Ever

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Has anyone ever asked you the issue that what your most preferred gift provided by someone? Or something feels like this? If someone requests me this type of questions, i quickly will quickly say certainly. The pendant that my personal mother gave me on my 14th birthday is just about the most valuable and favorite item that I have got ever got. Of course , it is not only because in the quality, although also because of its meaning. Actually, I am always wearing it around my own neck even now in order to not lose it. В В В В В I can say the necklace is a very important and incredibly familiar item to me. My spouse and i don't know for what reason, but it makes me feel a lot better whenever I feel troubled or I feel hefty at heart. I simply close my eyes and keep the necklace in my hand, then simply everything becomes alright and I feel much more comfortable than before. I want you to realize that I am neither Christian nor Buddhist. The reason why We mentioned this is due to I think generally Christians or Buddhists have got a religious symbol such as pendant or ring that can let them feel better. Also they believe that it has a power from the God. No longer they? Though I cannot demonstrate how it gives me durability, I trust that it has a particular power. Most likely, the necklace around your neck is the most important one of my belongings. В В В В В I even now remember the afternoon, of my personal 14th birthday, when my mother offered me the beautiful diamond necklace as a gift idea. It was exactly September 30, 1999 and I remember that time vividly. It had been a wonderful day time for me. I am unable to forget that my cardiovascular thumped thus fast before I opened the gift box. I actually took a breath deeply. And finally, I could feel tears in my sight when I opened it up. I could get a fantastic silver necklace within a box which in turn my mom gave me. Mainly because I was seriously surprised, I actually couldn't state anything when i came across it initially. I thought it was the brightest thing or shiny thing that I got ever viewed. At least, as I thought. В В В В В I can see it hanging on my own...