Elizabeth Proctor’s Fate in the Crucible Dissertation


The fall of 30, 2010

Elizabeth's Fate in The Crucible

In the perform the proctors marriage experiences a lot of tough times, nevertheless by the end earning up as well as for give one another. Some people will be selfish and make negative decisions inside the play The Crucible Simply by Arthur Miller. In the beginning with the play Ruben proctor cheated on his wife. As the play moves on he admits it to Elizabeth. He still attempts to keep call him by his name clean. Right at the end of the play Proctor sets his name at risk to save At the, by showing everyone this individual cheated in the wife.

Certainly one of his bad choices he made was cheating on Elizabeth. He as well didn't speak up once Abby plus the other girls accused faithful people of witchery, even though he realized it was a scam. When Proctor and Abby discuss their affair he admits this individual did. after Abigail asked him if perhaps he looked up. In the enjoy the proctors marriage goes thru a lot of tough times, yet by the end they make up as well as for give each other. Elizabeth and proctor talk because proctor tells Elizabeth about what took place between him and Abigail and this individual all thus tells her that the lady means nothing to her any longer. " Procter, Because it speaks deceit, and I am actually! But Items plead no more! I see today your soul twists throughout the single error of warring, and I will never tear that free.

When Elizabeth gets arrested proctor starts to demonstrate how much he cares. This individual tries his hardest to get his wife backside because his wife failed to do anything wrong Abigail humiliated and stabbed her do it yourself in the stomach. " At the, John- I think I must go along with hem.!! " Proctor, I will bring you home. I will bring you soon”. Proctor goes to the court to plead his wife's case.