Energy Pyramid Essay

Kenny hillside

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Period: 2

Lovers: Perla Garibay

Jorge Rivera

Building a power pyramid activity

Purpose: learners will gain an understanding showing how energy flows through an ecosystem by constructing an energy pyramid and establishing how much energy is moved between trophic levels

Components: *energy pyramid template, varieties list, pyramid data piece, calculator, one particular 1, 000ml beaker, a few clear glasses, one 1ml pipette, coop or pad

Question: just how much energy can be transferred in one trophic level to the next trophic level?

Method 1: ingredients label each standard of the energy pyramid with the suitable term: producer, primary client, secondary client, and tertiary consumer.

Process 2: labeled each degree of the energy pyramid with the appropriate term: trophic level1, trophic level a couple of, trophic level 3, and trophic level 4.

Process 3: through the species list, select organisms to represent every single level of the pyramid. Write the name in the organism inside the appropriate level.

Procedure four: observe the fresh data in table 1 )

Procedure 5: write the brands of the microorganisms that you chosen in part inside the appropriate put on the desk.

Procedure 6th: calculate the % of energy transferred in the 1st trophic level for the 2nd level. Divide strength from level1 and grow by 75. This quantity is the % of energy moved.

Procedure several: calculate the % of one's transferred by trophic level 2 to level a few and so forth.

Procedure 8: serve tap water in the 1, 000 ml beaker.

Add 1-2 drops of food coloring to the water and beat.

Procedure 9: line up the 3 cups. Check out your computations in table 1: how much energy was transferred from trophic level 1 to 2? Pour that % from the 1, 000ml in to the 1st glass.

Procedure 10: how much strength was transmitted from the second level for the 3rd level? _ _ _% put that % from cup 1 into cup 2 Procedure 14: repeat intended for the next trophic level/cup 3

3rd there’s r. p. sixth is v. species list: wart bud, coastal glowing bush,...