Environmental Curiosity and Effectiveness Essay

Maireny Batista

English a hundred and twenty Sec 113

Instructor: T. Stein

twenty October 2008

Essay #4

Environmental Curiosity and Success

Preserving environmental surroundings is an issue that is getting more fascination as time goes by. Today more and more people are environmental friendly and ingest account the human activity that damages the surroundings and what are its long-term effects. Both equally, Linnea Saukko in her essay " How to Poison the Earth, ” and Gretel Ehrlich in her essay " Stories of Ice” write about the surroundings and their concern towards that being maintained. Though in both essays the maintenance of the environment is the main emphasis, and the creators use the same approach, that they differ in writing style.

The main difference among Saukko‘s and Ehrlich's composition is the type of the works. Saukko's writing is referred to as direct process examination, but she also uses satire, which is quite effective when it comes to keeping the reader interested. She uses phrases like, " Conserving the earth could be difficult as the earth is often trying to replenish itself” (238), which is the first sentence of the dissertation, to sarcastically express her concern. The essay focuses mainly about toxins or perhaps poison and how they are harmful for life in the world. Overall Saukko's essay discusses saving the planet in a more general matter, while Ehrlich's article approaches the topic as a result of the actions and risk of environmentally friendly problems, like global warming, resolved in Saukko's essay.

Ehrlich's essay " Chronicles of Ice, ” talks about her visit to the Perito Quemado glacier, by also using process research she explains the formation of glaciers and how with the help of human being activities including global warming, glaciers decline: " We can at this point see that the steady increases in greenhouse gases and air and water conditions have occurred only since the surge of our smokestack and tailpipe society” (245). She uses personal encounter to express her concern within the effect of...