Film Comparison Analysis Dissertation

Film Comparative Analysis

" The overall response pursuing the screening was a distinct understanding that no person is above the law, and that the stereotypes linked to the " coño” nearly remaining Larrañaga accountable as wrongly charged. ” (Syjuco, 2012)

There is not any justice, when ever innocent guys are in jail; this can be a main idea that the two motion pictures have in common. With this, i want to ask ourself, " Will there be really a problem with the Filipino and Tx justice program? Are we to confess that it is a damaged system that we have? ” The two of these films will certainly leave the eyes wide opened for the truth or perhaps if not really, to the defects and corruptions in the rights system, not only of our own country, but also that from the others.

I. Background

Give Up Tomorrow

The documentary film is around a Filipino-Spanish student called Paco Larranaga, who was sentenced to death in 2005 for the double killing and rasurado of Chiong sisters (Marijoy and Jacqueline) in 1997.

This is actually the story of what we right now know while the Chiong Murder Case, a cebu scandal of the century. Two Chiong siblings go lacking on July 16, 97. Larrañaga was one, along with 6 other potential foods who was precise by the point out witness, David Rusia. David Rusia is a convicted felon and was sentenced to prison 2 times in the United States pertaining to other crimes. As claimed by Rusia, he was with Larrañaga in Ayala Middle, Cebu early in the evening of July sixteen, that evening Larrañaga says that having been at R& R Restaurant in Quezon City together with his friends; these kinds of fact was proven simply by photographs as well as the testimonies of his good friends.

The defense offered thirty-five witnesses, including Larrañaga's teachers and classmates at the Center for Cooking Arts (CCA) in Quezon City, who also all testified under pledge that Larrañaga was in Quezon City, if the crime has been said to have occurred in Cebu. The trial court considered these tales irrelevant, rejecting these as coming from " friends in the accused, " and weren't admitted. Listed here are also evidences presented by the defense during trial ---

a)Larrañaga, at that time just visited a party on the R& L Restaurant along Katipunan Method, Quezon Town, and remained there right up until early morning the subsequent day.

b)After the get together, the logbook of the g at Larrañaga's condominium indicates that Larrañaga returned to his Quezon City condominium at 2: 45 a. m.

c)Rowena Bautista, an instructor and cook at the culinary arts center, explained Larrañaga was at school from 8 a. m. to 11: 30 a. meters. and saw him once again at about 6th: 30 g. m on July of sixteen.

d)The school's registrar, Caroline Calleja, stated she proctored a two-hour exam wherever Larrañaga was present coming from 1: 30 p. meters. Larrañaga joined his second round of midterm tests on Come july 1st 17 starting at eight a. m. Only then did Larrañaga leave pertaining to Cebu in the late afternoon of July 17, 1997.

e)Airline and air-port personnel as well came to the courtroom with their trip records, demonstrating that Larrañaga would not take virtually any flight about July of sixteen, 1997, neither was this individual on board any kind of chartered plane that ended up in or perhaps departed coming from Cebu during the relevant dates, except the 5 p. m. PAL flight about July seventeen, 1997 coming from Manila to Cebu

The aforementioned evidences did not prevent the confidence of Larrañaga along with his 6 co-accused. The trial the courtroom judge, following rendering wisdom against them, was located dead in a hotel in Cebu, and allegedly fully commited suicide. This kind of unexpected celebration during the Chiong murder circumstance was verified in the film to be section of the whole system of adding the blame upon Larrañaga, and concealing the truth of the specifics with regard to the murder and rape from the Chion siblings. Larrañaga, combined with other co-accused were sentenced to fatality, and become a huge hit later on, yet all of them were denied.

Considering the Filipino-Spanish nationality of Larrañaga, his family requested help in the Spanish federal government. In Sept 2009, the Department of Justice accepted Larrañaga's transfer to a Spanish prison. Thelma Chiong,...

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