Gender Reassignment Essay

Gender Reassignment: Cultural and Medical

In the three content, the authors has hinted many commonalities in intersex surgeries and feminine genital slicing. Furthermore, the authors intended that the intersex surgeries will be medically unneeded, but must be acceptable into " societal expectation by simply prevent internal trauma, humiliation, and mental discomfort” from both patient and their father and mother (Ehrenreich, 2006, p. 13). On the other hands, anti-FGC active supporters and workers, and Western feminism provides attacked the " African genital reducing as primitive, irrational, damaging, and deserving of condemnation. ” This type of practice is similarly problematic to intersex surgical procedure which happens in individual country (Ehrenreich, 2005, l. 13). Concerning to the two cases, the articles advised that performing intersex surgical procedure procedures on the western part of the country, much more likely to female penile cutting in African, possess cultural artifacts. Thus, persons might consider that Americans foster a double standard based on cultural misconceptions and prejudices. According to Ehrenreich (2005), this lady has argued that intersex surgical treatment in the West, like female circumcision in The african continent, is a ethnic practice that ordains patriarchal gender norms (p. 22). If the anti-FGC activists can argue there are significant distinct between intersex surgery and female circumcision procedures, then they have forgotten the two practices have come from the same procedure: reducing, repairing or perhaps correcting the individual's genital part to look " normal” because they used to discover in their very own society tradition concept. For instance , " 1000s of intersex penile surgeries are performed in children and infants” (Ehrenreich, 2005, s. 13) compare with many African young children include undergone feminine circumcision in Africa, people might notice that both practice performances are the same, however , equally has distinct outcomes. Most people in the West have believed in gender norm (Ehrenreich, 2005, s. 21). A very good evidence to compliment that assertion came from two...