Haden Franke Essay

" Bowling to get Columbine” Video Review

" Bowling for Columbine” is the School award winning documentary film; drafted, directed, made, and told about by Eileen Moore. Through the tragic Columbine High School taking pictures, Moore's film explores the highly discussed question; how come America include such an immensely high rate of weapon violence in comparison to the rest of the community? The film question's the Columbine shooter's motives through the media, significant figures of yankee society, as well as the country's relaxed gun laws and regulations. Bowling to get Columbine is definitely a persuasive film. Michael Moore uses intense bias through the documentary to sway the viewer's view to match regarding the one staying stressed through its whole. A very luminous example of this kind of happens in the first scene during the sequence of which the song " What a great world” is played. Awful scenes of violence and unnerving truth is shown through the time of that the song is definitely played. This is a very effective technique of drawing in the audience and viewing America and its assault negatively. The background music is comforting however when enjoyed brutal views of physical violence, it takes by using an eerie sense that causes the viewer to perhaps become fearful in the society they will thought pertaining to song was safe. A number of other techniques are used throughout the film to display Moore's overall concept. American citizens happen to be viewed from this film while generally unintelligent and unknowledgeable. Figures of authority are displayed as moronic racists, and cartoons much just like " Southern region Park” are also used biasedly to show Many overall passion with pistols and assault. Overall the film is beneficial in projecting Moore's meaning, through the use of prejudice, music and factual accuracy. A common motif that revolves around many of Michael Moore's movies, including Bowling for Columbine, is politics. Throughout the film, Michael Moore interview many Americans, many of which state that they would not think safe without their firearms. The...