Essay about Hippotherapy

Plan of the project:

1) What is hippotherapy?

2) Examination of the organization

3) SWOT analysis

4) Target Audience

5) Objectives PUBLIC RELATIONS campaign

6) Task of PR marketing campaign

7) Strategy of the PR program

8) Work plan of preparing for the conference " Hippotherapy-riding to health" 9) Information to get controllable mass media

10) Data for non-controllable mass media

11) Budget

12) Press package:

* Pr release

* Information regarding organization

* Biography from the CEO

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* Logo

* Set of questions for press

What is hippotherapy?

About hippotherapy known considering that the time of Hippocrates. He claimed that the injured and the sick get better more quickly if they ride on horse back, and melancholic part with all their dark thoughts. In the middle of the XVIII 100 years the encyclopedist Denis Diderot, in his treatise: " About riding and what it means to keep up health and to find it again", wrote: " Among the workout the first place is ride. It can be used to treat various diseases, but may also prevent them befores they appear. " Hippotherapy can be described as comprehensive and multi-method of rehabilitation, a sort of physiotherapy (physical therapy), wherever tools for rehabilitation will be the horse, the riding and exercising that a person will during operating. While riding all the key muscle groups in the body get a work out. This kind of occurs by a response level, because sitting on the horse, moving along with it, anyone instinctively tries to keep the equilibrium not to decline the equine, and thus encourages the lively work of both healthy and affected muscles, devoid of noticing it. Hippotherapy may be the only kind of treatment when the patient may not understand that he's treated, driving and interaction with the horse becomes a game. Psychogenic factor increases the ability to adapt to truth. For a person with a mental disorder, the position on a horse becomes winning - " I above, but they below". All the critical principles of psychotherapy – a oneness of place and character types, the unity of time and unity of action – stay complied. Hippotherapy is beneficial in:

• Cerebral palsy.

• Orthopedic syndromes.

• Disorders of the musculoskeletal system that derive from paralysis and other lesions of the central nervous system. • Lesions with the senses - blindness, deafness.

• Disorders of posture, scoliosis

• Malformations with the limbs.

• Various forms of intellectual incapacity resulting from organic or innate diseases. • Down symptoms.

• Infractions of the psycho-emotional sphere:

* Autism

* Neuroses

5. Mental reifungsverzogerung

* Schizophrenia

* Emotional disorders

2. Social maladjustment

* Symptoms of hyperactivity

* The state of anxiety

The riding improves blood circulation and breathing, that involves the task of almost all of the muscles and tendons, structures and important joints of the body. This is particularly important for autistic people, who also cannot be motor-active without excitement from the outside -- not counting their stereotypical movements. The horseback riding contains training of overall skill, maintaining harmony and responsiveness. It trains senses and a profound sensitivity. Throughout the senses diverse stimuli happen to be taken and accumulated. The horse turns into a link between the inner world of the person and the surrounding actuality. Communion of human and horse is actually a full sequence of expansive feedback between person plus the outside community, which allows a person to perceive actuality more totally.

Analysis from the organization:

Hippotherapy center NATURE was established this season in Kiev, by a band of enthusiasts with all the support of Children's Internal Center. The center has 8-10 experts: three hostlers and 5 hippotherapy specialists. It truly is located in metropolis of Kiev.

The middle has its own space: the manege - ​​900 m², 2 hundred m² secure, café thirty-five m² and public spots of 30 m². Inside the property of hippotherapy centre...