Impact of Globalization about Trends in Entrepreneurship Education in Degree Institutions Composition

International Journal of Trade, Economics and Fund, Vol. 3, No . 4, August 2012

Impact of Globalization upon Trends in Entrepreneurship Education in Degree Institutions Norasmah Othman, Neither Hafiza Othman, and Rahmah Ismail


Abstract—With the trend of increasing the positive effect, entrepreneurship has become receiving even more attention via government and educational institutions. Changes in the uncertain world economy have resulted in fewer job possibilities for college or university graduates, and response, the us government has searched for to develop creativeness among college students through gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming activities and programs. Problem now is, Are the increasing tendencies of alterations and requirements for entrepreneurship education as a result of impact of globalization? To reply to this issue, this analyze examined the impact of globalization on developments in the with regard to business and entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial skills in Malaysia. Customer survey data were obtained from 306 participants. The participants were randomly selected from the populace of managers in higher education institutions in Malaysia. Info were reviewed using the detailed statistics method. The studies show there is an increasing demand for entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial skills, demonstrating the fact that globalization features influenced the demand for entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial expertise among college or university graduates. Index Terms—Globalization, higher education, entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurial expertise.

I. LAUNCH Globalization provides demanded a far more competitive, experienced, creative, and innovative workforce, and Malaysia's education system has modified to meet this need [1]. Inside the era of globalization, terms such as understanding society, knowledge workers, and knowledge economy (k-economy) have got added a brand new paradigm for the field expertise, especially for advanced schooling institutions (HEIs) [2], [3] claims that moving over to a k-economy is a important transformation inside the era of globalization, because economic competition among countries is anticipated to intensify. To ensure that a land to remain competitive in a worldwide competitive economic system, HEIs play an important role in the advancement knowledge and human capital. The globalized world economic system has triggered an increasingly demanding demand for university graduates to become competitive and creative. As a result, it is essential to make sure that HEIs effectively transmit the proper, quality know-how and skills needed to associated with Malaysian Manuscript received Summer 10, 2012; revised This summer 10, 2012. N. Othman is with the Faculty of Education, College or university Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia (e-mail: [email protected] my). N. H. Othman is with the Teachers of Education, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia (e-mail: [email protected] com). L. Ismail is to use the Teachers of Economic system and Managing, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia (e-mail: [email protected] my).

labor force ―world course human capital‖ [4]. Governance variables play a huge role in shaping people's understanding of various facets of the economy and society [5]. Underneath the Tenth Malaysia Plan, the us government is focused on developing creativeness through initiatives to incorporate aspects of entrepreneurial development into the institution curriculum, centering on R& M. It also aims to increase the accessibility to risk capital [6]. These goes reflect that countries all over the world are realizing the significance of entrepreneurship and the importance of implementing it as a means to boost employment and financial development [5]. Furthermore, changes in a great uncertain community economy have resulted in fewer job opportunities for college or university graduates. The amount of unemployed folks in Malaysia increased coming from 385, 300 in 2009 to 391, four hundred in 2010 [8]. Hence, the problem of unemployment between graduates is far from undervalued, and this presents a tremendous challenge for HEIs [9]. HEIs need to produce human capital...