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Carl Jung's " Analytic” Theory of Personality

Major Constructs in Jung's Theory Sex drive (the psyche's source of energy)

Persona (the masks we all wear in life)

Personal Unconscious (much like Freud's notion from the unconscious)

Ordinaire Unconscious (the inherited power behind the existence) Archetypes (forms for expressing portions of the content material of the group unconscious)

one particular


Individuality # you expresses the individual and the home (note tiny case " s” in self) Persona #2 is far more in touch with the collective subconscious

Examples of archetypes

Shadow (the dark side in the conscious spirit or persona) Anima (the feminine aspect of the male psyche) Animus (the masculine aspect of the female psyche) The Personal (the " real deal” discussed for near the end of the lecture)

Jung's theory is a theory of oppositional forces Two fundamental " Attitudes” Extraversion Introversion



Four Psychic Features Thinking Sense Sensation Intuition

Psychological Types

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Go to http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgiwin/JTypes1.htm in case you are interested in going through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You may make the test, browse the result, and show up what the results indicate. No extra credit for doing that.

Concepts associated with growth and development Balance Free stream of energy across opposites Individuation Becoming knowledgeable about and ability to use and synthesize all functions and other in-born capabilities The Self The " mother” of all archetypes. The aim of personality creation is the complete realization of Self Mandala Major sign of Do it yourself