Essay about Malay civilisation

1. Confident influences (skills and technology)

During the times where there was no technology, there was simply no civilization. Materials development is one of the definitions of civilization. Without technology, new material, building and etc may not be constructed or perhaps produced. This may lead to no world being born. Example: During the stone age, there have been no clothing for people to wear. That they only transferred around getting nude. Nevertheless once the technology of making clothes and dresses were located, people starting wearing garments and they began being civilized. 2 . Spiritual boost

Social development also defines world. Religion is among the mediums which introduced lifestyle to the universe. A specific faith has its own taboos, and when these taboos were strongly adopted for ages, thus lifestyle was born. Case in point: Islam good opposes premarital sex. In order a solution, ‘nikah' or marital life is brought to world. Marriage then started to be not only a great Islamic culture but the world tradition. Civilisation is born.


Explaination: Balance and integrated state between psychic and physical (material) with the human life. Example: Have difficulty for properties for life, and at the same time pay the zakat and present sedekah. Thabat wa Murunah

Explaination: To become fixed and firm in the principles and versatile in the practice.

Model: Solat is compulsory for Muslims. But also for those Muslims who are sick or perhaps not sense well, they are allowed to finish their solat in a resting or lying down position with their capability.


Explaination: Islam has to be strictly practiced in and every conditions. Islam ought to be differentiated coming from jahiliyyah and really should not always be mixed up with all the jahiliyyah program.

Example: Throughout the jahiliyyah times, baby girls are killed once they are born because baby women are considered a shame for the family. But in Islam, baby girls are generally not killed like in jahiliyyah moments, but cared and nurtured just as they do to a baby...