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BSBMKG506B-Plan market research

Analysis 1: Case study Sample Solutions

D. A. Garden Supplies part one particular

While marketing research proposals are often aimed at the gathering of data for the uses of marketing a specific product or service, a market research pitch aims to collect detailed information about a market's size and trends. RESEARCHING THE MARKET PROPOSAL DESIGN

Research Project Subject:

D. A. Garden Products part 1

Prepared By: Your Name:


The market research project, entitled D. A. Garden Supplies part one particular hopes to discover more information relating to market tendencies in the garden supply and nursery organization. The following synopsis will give a summary of the causes, processes, and possible associated with the market exploration proposal, comprehensive below.

The outcomes of this study are the following:

To look for our for what reason Nursery sales have lowered by 5% in the last two years Why Back garden Supplies sales have also lowered by 5% and

So why Landscaping job numbers have been flat

Researching the market will find out why the above mentioned has been taking place and what D. A. Garden Products can carry out to fix the problems.

VICAT Tip: It will summarize the entire job to be discussed below. In this section, offer a brief review of the purpose of the project as well as the intended result. Provide reasoning for the need of this specific researching the market and let the audience know what input this project will make for the field. You should use this Synopsis section to go over who called for the task if there was a specific inspiration requiring this kind of research.

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The final results of this study are as follows:

To find our so why Nursery product sales have dropped by 5% in the last 2 yrs Why Backyard Supplies product sales have also decreased by five per cent and

Why Landscaping project numbers have been completely flat

VICAT Tip: Through this section, go over in detail the purpose of the task. Show how come there is a specific need for this kind of research. Describe the goals which you hope to achieve with this project.


VICAT Tip: This section should certainly focus comprehensive on the background circumstances which usually indicate a need for the actual market research job proposed. You can expect to address the latest body expertise concerning the matter of study. Here you can bring forth information by existing options regarding the particular topic to be researched.

David and his partner, Alison, are typically in the garden supply and nursery business for the last 13 years. David supervises the setting and back garden supply part of the business, although Alison does the administration and bookkeeping and oversees the landscaping jobs.

You have recently been supplied with simple sales functionality data for the last three years that shows this:

Nursery sales have dropped by 5% within the last two years. These kinds of sales of these products at present contribute 41% to general profits.

Garden Supplies sales have dropped simply by 5%, although the last year noticed an increase in drought proofing related products including mulch. The products currently contribute 34% to overall earnings.

Landscaping design project figures have been flat; however , the scale and earnings on each job has grown a little bit. This has meant a steady contribution to overall profits of 10%.

Café operate has been continuously increasing the past three years as result revenue from this had been growing for a price of 2–3% per annum, at the moment contributing 15% to the general profit of the business.

BSBMKG506B Plan Market Research

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