Parent Kid Relations Dissertation


Cultural Identification Essay

Radhika Gogna


Parent Child Relations, ECS 2000

Mohamad Haniff

Wednesday September 21, 2012

Parent or guardian Child Relationships Essay

This kind of paper will certainly briefly illustrate how Hinduism reflects my upbringings, and my abilities to contact multicultural parents, and their kids. This essay will entail the traditions and principles that form my identity, as well as my personal everyday life. Furthermore, my in depth detail in the struggles and hardships that immigrants have to endure will allow me to sympathize for whomever deals with related circumstances. Part One A

While my personal household consists of a two- parent or guardian family, equally parents differ in numerous ways. The main dissimilarities that may be drawn to are lifestyle. Culturally, my parents had been brought up in various ways, which in turn eventually causes it affecting my childhood. My father came to be and brought up in India where he followed one sturdy tradition. Yet , my mother was raised in the uk, following the same tradition, when she commemorated holidays which were outside of her religion, just like Christmas and Thanksgiving. This kind of mixture of traditions and tradition, from my parents, lets me have a greater scope with the variety of faith based there are to choose from. Being coming from an source of the Indio background, there are numerous religious practices that form the friends and family relationship. Most of the cultural customs that Hindu's follow all year round indirectly or directly handle family human relationships, and connection through certain experiences. An example of one of the main traditions that happen every year is Raksha Bandhan. Raksha Bandhan is a day solely devoted to the relationship of the brother and sibling. On this specific day, siblings are asked to link a Rakhi around the brother's wrist, which signifies the sisters praying for a lifestyle filled with appreciate, happiness and prosperity (Raksha Bandhan and. d. ). A Rakhi is a emblematic thread, which in turn represents his passion and devotion a sis has for her brother. It can also be said " this foible of carefully thread of Rakhi is considered stronger than straightener chains as it binds the most wonderful relationship in an inseparable connect of love and trust” (Raksha Bandhan d. d. ).

While developing up, socialization from friends and family had a dramatic effect on the person I i am today. Although the lessons I possess learnt as a child did not straight take place by speaking, many had been learned by observing my parents as they were going through all their daily lives. Not only performed socialization impact the relationship among my parents and i also, but it also taught me to adapt to cultural rules, and get a new perspective on tradition. Part N

From a beginning period of a child's lifestyle, young children will be taught not to discriminate among other nationalities, and beliefs. Moreover, children are taught to embrace most cultures, and values that the world has to offer us, with either this be music, art, religion or a diversity of foodstuff. While analyzing Guthrie's theory based on children learning new cultural habits, I believe it truly is relevant to me, for the reason that I am involved in more than one culture, even though I follow one concrete floor religion. Via a young grow older, I have been taught to stick to the Hindu culture, even though this does not necessarily mean I overlooked the opportunity to commemorate multiple vacations outside of my own culture. Every year, my family and I celebrate many festivals and celebrations despite the fact that they may not relate to our specific religious beliefs or culture. It is pointed out that all kids can open-mindedly accept ethnical patterns more easily than adults, and this may be for quite a few reasons. Although observing Guthrie's theory regarding children learning new ethnical patterns more readily than adults, I believe it would help me empathize with multicultural parents and their children by simply understanding the reality young children can be curious, or feel the need to inquire questions of their religion and...

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