Point Bleme Essay

Point Balnc

Point Bleme is authored by Anthony Horowitz, the famous British author. It's the second publication in the Alex Rider series. The story tells us about Alex Rider a teenager who was manufactured spy following his granddad Ian Rider Died. Alex is delivered on a mission to the point Blanc senior high as the son of the very abundant person David Friend. The academy of Point Bleme acts as a polishing off school pertaining to the abundant people's child. Alex's objective is to look into whether two murders of very abundant men who have both directed their sons to the polishing off school happen to be related with this academy. The moment Alex gets to this senior high he is welcome by the representative (Dr. Hugo Grief) plus the assistant movie director (Ms. Stellenbosch). In the Academy Alex is not allowed to visit the basement, the second floor and the third floor. Alex couldn't withstand from investigating what was taking place the three flooring surfaces on which the scholars are not allowed to go. He investigated more and found out that both the representative and the assistant director were talking about a Gemini project. When ever Alex had discovered enough things with this school intended for the MI6 He quickly informed MI6 before it absolutely was too late, The moment Dr . Grief came to now that Alex is definitely an MI6 spy. Dr . Grief made a decision to kill him the next day. Because Alex would definitely be murdered Dr . Sadness decided to inform Alex even more about the Gemini project. Fourteen years back Dr . Grief experienced cloned him sixteen occasions, the number of kids in the college. He had a plastic surgeon to choose each tremendous grief into a determine of a scholar in the university. Than he'd get enough money that he can rule the earth. MI6 arrived time to conserve Alex also to also eliminate the Gemini project. Alex's mission was successful.