Pride and Prejudice Dissertation

Theme of love and marriage in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. The intricate nexus of marital life, money and love in Jane Austen's society is unfolded through the development of and building plots and characters of her novel Pride and Prejudice. In the nineteenth century's rural England, marriage was a woman's chief target, both financially and socially. Financially due to women's reliant position marital life was the " only honourable position", definitely preferable to the dependence of precarious shabby-genteel spinsterhood. Money was, consequently , a very significant aspect of Austen's society, particularly when marriage was concerned. " A single man of large fortune" was obviously considered as " a nice thing" for the unmarried girls. Partners had been chosen so that might right now seem unemotional reasons: fortune and connections, similar to, but preferably a lot better than one's personal. By representing a series of relationships, Austen in this novel unearths and elucidates different aspects with the role of marriage, money and like in her society. Austen was a realist and decorated her time as they were. In this new, love and money-based Darcy-Elizabeth marriage is among the most successful a single whereas wedding of Elizabeth's parents, Mister. and Mrs. Bennet, is among the faulty ones. Mr. Bennet married his wife being " captivated" and enticed by her " youth, beauty" and physical appearance. This individual forgot the fact that first benefit of a pretty deal with does not last long unless tranquility of brain and sweetness of state of mind provide even more enduring forces of interest. Moreover, Mrs. Bennet passed down no home. So , contact form every point of view, this kind of marriage can be described as failure. Mr. Bennet, consequently , always has to endure her " fragile understanding", vulgarity to such and severe degree that he has nothing to experience except confining himself to his library all the day, and thus eluding the necessary rituals of family and society. Satisfaction and Misjudgment Theme of Appreciate

Mr. Darcy's first declaration of love for Elizabeth is a perfect...