Essay on Privacy VERSUS Safety


Level of privacy VS Protection

Essay Project

English 4 A

Andres Arcila

Beacon High School


I. How much personal privacy are citizens willing to sacrifice for safety?

II. Imagine you are Edward cullen Snowden and write a notice explaining why you need to be allowed to go back to the U. S.

3. Discuss a single section of the Patriot Work that you have a powerful opinion –either positive or negative- regarding. In a well-written paragraph, clarify your standpoint.


Because technology advancements and the border between personal privacy and general public knowledge turns into more and more blurry. Each day it becomes easier and easier to trail someone's details, their earlier, their loves, their closest friends, and those that are certainly not so loved or close to them. Problem that spikes becomes sharper each day " Is security as important as privacy? ” As time passes, national reliability is now a front range topic that people face each and every day both in the true and digital world. Scammers as well as government agencies use the benefits of the internet to both harm each other's data very safe keeping their data.

Citizens' rights to privacy and safety have invariably been an issue upon which there is regular discussion. The privacy disagreement used to prevent certain authorities advances; yet again the line between privacy and safety is never well defined. To keep many the population secure law enforcement officers and government agencies are sometimes faced with the need to infringe on some individuals right to personal privacy under the thought of common welfare. This is where the line blurs, is definitely the safety of just one, 000s really worth the infringement of the legal rights of a few other folks? The realistic answer is definitely yes, the safety of many will usually surpass those of a few nevertheless ethically the safety of 1 is simply as important as regarding 1000 because no one human being is more important than one other.

The line has been further confused as people have began to freely share their personal data and...