Question 1a Bgcse Essay

The year 2012 marks the fiftieth (50th) anniversary with the culmination with the Women's Avis Movement in the Bahamas. In the Bahamas the movement happened against the remarkable backdrop of the Burma Highway Riots of 1942, the typical Strike of 1958, the Labour Movements of the 1955s, the majority guideline and civil rights moves. Bahamian women worked unceasingly along with men to resist and redress the racial splendour and the personal and economic inequities that permeated Bahamian society. Ladies from all walks of life enjoyed a significant part in helping to progress the interpersonal, political and economic privileges for Bahamians and, therefore, creating a further understanding of liberty and a more democratic world.

The Suffrage Activity in the Bahamas had their origins in the emerging Dark middle-class in the " over-the-hill" area of Nassau. Mary Ingraham, the owner of the Movement, and Mabel Walker, her friend, were both girlfriends or wives of Members of the House of Assembly. These types of women as well as other leaders in the Movement such as Georgiana Symonette, Eugenia Lockhart, Althea Mortimer, Albertha M. Isaacs, Bateau Johnson, Grace Wilson, Mildred Moxey, Ethel Kemp, Gladys Bailey, Una Prosper Heastie, Veronica Lotmore, Nora Hannah and Madge Brown knew the enfranchisement of women in countries just like Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados and comprehended the power of the justification to vote being a citizen. They also knew that girls in the United States, England and Canada had the right to vote. Several of these Bahamian suffragists were not simply committed users of lodges but were leaders in the lodges. It was through these kinds of women's agencies and their foreign counterparts that Bahamian ladies gained raising confidence to lobby for the avis and the further advancement of women's rights and municipal rights on the whole. The Suffrage Movement in the Bahamas received tremendous support from its allies in the United States, Canada and England. The developing enfranchisement of girls...