Reflective Accounts Essay


Restorative relationships

Understanding Behaviour Assessment LO1


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This is examination is a refractive account applying Gibb's (1998) reflective pattern. It provides me with the framework to follow once reflecting (Brooker, 2013). The cycle features 6 measures which include; Information, feelings, evaluation, analysis, summary and plan of action. In order to comply with the NMC Code of Confidentiality (NMC, 2013) and Data Safety Act 98, I will call up the assistance user Mrs M in order to maintain privacy. Description

Upon Thursday inside my placement I had been asked to help Mrs Meters with her lunch. Mrs M is usually 90 years old and has dementia. She gets barriers with her communication as a result of her dementia and bodily she cannot walk with out support. Both the care personnel, Mrs Times and Mrs Z would be to escort Mrs M before the dining area using a wheelchair. The the two put an arm through her armpits and put her on the wheelchair before wheeling her aside. Mrs Meters was then taken out of the wheelchair in the same manner and put on to a couch at the table and pressed in, to be close to the stand. I then overtook from the proper care workers. We told Mrs M i was going to place a guard around her neck, to ensure that her to have her lunch break. Mrs M's table is referred to as the ‘assisted table'. I actually assisted her with her starter, which has been soup. Staff then offered me her main meal, that i encouraged Mrs M to participate in eating on her behalf own. Mrs M seemed to enjoy her lunch and ate it all. Mrs By and Mrs Z then escorted Mrs M back to the lounge. Feelings

I will now discuss my believed and thoughts throughout this kind of account. I observed that the care employees did not get in touch with Mrs M when increasing her to and from the chair. I thought that she looked like fretful (unhappy, nervous). I used to be feeling somewhat angry that Mrs M was not disseminated with, I believed that absolutely they can clarify what they are about to do and why. Once given the soup, I wondered just how hot it was, as...

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