Responding to a Multi-Car Accident Essay

Responding to a Multi-Car Car accident

James Shafer

Everest College

April 23, 2013

I have been dispatched to a multi-car car accident on an increased portion of a freeway. Upon arrival I see at least three autos involved and a large tractor trailer machine that has gone down on it is side, while using cab section hanging precariously over the part of the interstate. There are 6 steps to comply with to complete this call up and to make sure everyone comes out of it secure. To again track slightly I have previously made sure I were stored up on products and I experienced everything I used to be going to need for just about any type of emergency call We responded to. Once I was sent to the phone I ensured to give thanks regard intended for safety of everyone else for the roadway, and arrive around the scene within a safe and timely way.

Upon arriving at the scene the vital thing I want to carry out, is make sure you park my personal vehicle in least 55 feet away from the scene with the crash and also turn on my own emergency flashers(Le Baudour & Bergeron, 2012). After making sure I i am parked in a safe area I want to set up everyone protection by creating safety cones, or flares at least a 75 feet through the scene (Le Baudour & Bergeron, 2012). The next thing I wish to do is usually check to be sure there is no energy leaking, or any cars on fire, and as My spouse and i walk up to the scene I would like to assess the condition to see just how many patients there are, and if any were thrown from the vehicles (Le Baudour & Bergeron, 2012). If every thing is safe Then i want to proceed to try and see if there is in whatever way to support the tractor trailer machine and the truck's cab section which has a strap or maybe a rope and try to gain entry through the rear windowpane if I can (Le Baudour & Bergeron, 2012). After all that I would start to care for the most critically harmed.

The other methods I would want to phone would be police force to help with traffic, the fireplace department in case of a fire, and an mat to transport the victims towards the...

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