Skill and Food Protection Essay

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Meet foodstuff safety requirements when providing food and drink for people HSC 2029 2 two 15 T/601/9450

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This product is targeted at those doing work in a wide range of configurations. It provides the learner while using knowledge and skills needed to meet food safety requirements when preparing, providing, clearing away and storing meals. Learning Effects The learner will: 1 Understand the importance of food safety measures when featuring food and drink for those Assessment Criteria The novice can: 1 . 1 Determine potential food safety hazards when preparing, offering, clearing away and storing food and drink 1 . two Explain the importance of applying food safety measures when offering food and drink for folks 1 . several Explain for what reason personal protecting clothing ought to be used once handling drink and food 1 . four Explain why surfaces, utensils and equipment must be clean before beginning a brand new task 1 . 5 Clarify the importance of clearing and disposing of food waste promptly and securely 1 . 6th Explain the importance of storing different types of food and drink safely Exemplification An individual is usually someone demanding care or support

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Learning Outcomes The learner will: 2 Be able to maintain cleanliness when managing food and drink

Examination Criteria The learner can: 2 . you Explain once hands must be washed to keep food cleanliness 2 . 2 Demonstrate successful hand-washing intended for handling food and drink 2 . a few Use personal protective clothing to maintain cleanliness when handling food and drink installment payments on your 4 Make sure that all areas, utensils and equipment happen to be clean prior to starting a new job 3. 1 Describe techniques to control hazards when preparing and serving drink and food 3. a couple of Prepare food and drink in ways that minimise hazards to own security and that of others 3. a few Serve food and drink in ways that minimise dangers to own basic safety and that more 4. 1 Clear away...