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Adam Cook University Business Rules CO5119 Practice Questions 1 ) Al operates a small business developing specialist engine filters. In January this individual placed a great advertisement within a car trade magazine saying that he would supply filter systems at $60 per filtration, but will consider a lowering of the price for substantial orders. This individual received a letter from Bash Cars Ltd asking for his conditions of supply for 1, 000 filters. Al responded, offering to provide the filters at a cost of 50 dollars each. Party Cars plc responded to Al's letter declaring that they recognized his provide but that they would just pay $45 per filter. Ing wrote to Bash Vehicles Ltd declaring that he would supply the filtration but just at the initial price of $50. When ever Al's notice arrived, the purchasing representative of Bash Cars Limited did not notice the alteration from the price and ordered the 1, 500 filters coming from Al, which he supplied. Analyse the situation from the perspective of agreement law specifically advise Approach what price he could be entitled to claim from Bash Cars Ltd.

2 . Gertrude drives to work every day. She is in the habit of giving Hermione and Ivan a drive to work. At the outset of the arrangement, Hermione told Gertrude that she would pay her $200 monthly towards the expense of petrol and vehicle protection. Hermione advised Gertrude that, as it would be difficult on her to arrange another method of transfer, she would need a month's see if Gertrude could not take her. Ivan did not offer Gertrude any money for the journey, although at the end from the first month, told her that he would offer her $85 for the inconvenience of calling by simply his house early the next day. Jeremiah is Gertrude's young brother and he promises to keep the automobile clean and by artificial means sound in the event that she will provide him a lift to varsity each day. Ivan fails to shell out anything and Jeremiah under no circumstances does clean or take care of the car Gertrude has to shell out $40 per month for washing and maintenance. Six months later on, Gertrude determines to begin bicycling to operate each day,...