Supersize me reflection Composition

" Supersize Me personally. ”

" Each day you in 4 Americans go to a fast food cafe. ” (VivaVegie) Most people know how bad junk food is for you, but still take in it.  Morgan Spurlock's " Supersize Me” did a thirty day experiment, which involved eating McDonald's for each and every meal. To begin with, America is definitely the fattest region in the world. When it comes down to it, the very fact that there are so many fast food restaurants, you can never escape. I have read many persons say that you ought not eat take out, but much like many others, Some listen. The results of Morgan Spurlock actually eating McDonalds for every meal four weeks straight and gaining twenty-four and a half pounds sickens myself. Morgan Spurlock was inspected by three doctors after and before the twenty five day experiment. I would have never guessed that McDonald's might have that big of an influence on a person. For kids whom do not know what they are getting themselves into, it may be very risky. Fifteen-year-old Gregory Rhymes weighs about 400 pounds and has diabetes. (Guardian) If he or his mother realized that McDonald's has that bad of food might be they would not need eaten/bought this so often. At the conclusion of the 1 month, Morgan bending his likelihood of heart disease, received twenty-four . 5 pounds and consumed 30 pounds of sugar and twelve pounds of fat. The food at McDonald's is definitely not valuable to our diet whatsoever. Who would like to eat hair out of their parfait?  It makes sense why most health professionals suggest that you eat junk food at all. Viewing how Morgan felt therefore sick after you eat and plonked up, disgusts me. I do not want to become putting this sort of unhealthy food in my program. I usually receive McDonald's once or twice a month, yet after seeing this kind of movie, I probably will stay away from it for a time. Not only are fast food restaurants hurting the children's wellness, but the meals that a lot of schools are feeding the students also plays a part in their extra weight. If every one of the schools can be like the one displayed in this...

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