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Poem intended for my sister – By simply Liz Lochhead

Poem Analysis

‘Poem for my sister' was written by Liz Lochhead who was a Scottish writer in the year 1947. In this poem she gives the themes of sisterhood, protection and maternal appreciate for her tiny sister. The poem is usually divided into several stanza's d stanza you, Liz Lochhead explains about how exactly her very little sister loves to try on her grown-up shoes or boots. In stanza 2 even though she lets us know about how the girl likes to view her small sister performs kid online games and how great she is by them. Finally, in stanza 3, Liz Lochhead alerts her sibling away from putting on unsuitable sneakers. In the first stanza the girl opens the poem with a metaphor ‘My little sister likes to try my shoes' this is a metaphor compared to life. The word shoes are used as a metaphor for adulthood it means her little sister wants to foumart her elder sister's lifestyle. ‘ Admire her spindle thin a dozen year old legs' tells us that her very little sister is known as a young woman who is likely to become a adolescent soon. As a result she is getting herself among a child and being an mature. She is too young to be an adult and too old to be a child. When she says ‘they fit her properly but wobbles' it gives us a clear notion of the small girl that is yet not prepared to be considered as an adult as the word ‘wobbles' it is just a metaphor mainly because it describes her being premature and out of balance for age as it is tough for her to balance in the high heels she's wearing. In the second stanza she uses the line ‘I admire the neat hops-and skips of her' this shows how her very little sister is definitely yet within the childish stage where your woman likes doing offers and is amazing as a child. ‘Peever' is the Scottish name given to hopscotch since it is used in the very last line of the second stanza. In stanza three or more the older sister alerts her very little sister to never make the same mistakes while she performed. She wishes her small sister to savor her childhood to the most of her ability. She would not want her sister to grow up too soon and loose her purity and innocence. The...