Technology and Laziness Talk Essay

Technology is definitely not improvement

Good afternoon fellow students and respected tutor.

In today's culture technology can be very helpful, as it helps each of our society improve. Technology can be advancing each of our phones, transportation, medical research, Education, and many other things. These items don't necessarily indicate that we will be progressing; in fact humans are in reality losing the ability to do the simplest things. Folks are losing the ability to physically compose, to cause, and even to do proper exploration. They are shedding the goal to do work, cannot socialise face to face, and technology is making our present years to be lazier. Society is dependent on technology, but don't see the negative side effects thus I'm going to talk about the gloomy effects and the way to prevent the unwanted side effects it could have on our health and wellness. Technology can be encouraging our society to be lazier, once television turned out kids will want to watch tv all day rather than go to play outside the house to get their daily exercise. But some people will want to sit before the television or computer and play game titles. Technology is advancing, although it's not helping our society regarding laziness. Persons in culture would rather take those bus or drive all their car to work, regardless if it's only down the street. Father and mother will travel their children to school even if is actually just around the block, because there child is too tired to walk or bike. As well technology has evolved the way all of us do things just like mowing the lawn rather than push mower, we have tractor mowers all of us you sit and press the gas without performing any work out, even using the elevator to increase just one floor instead of making use of the stairs. All of this technology is usually making all of us lazier and it's really impacting our overall health. A Canadian study in 2003 indicates that children between the seven years old to 14 years of age, the use of computers and television increased the risk of being overweight or obese. They also identified that children who put in 3 hours or more a...

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