technology nowadays Essay

Every day, our world has become changed slowly but surely form one condition to another. The wave of new ideas always pops up to the brains of every person, especially the thought to improve technology which we all need to make the living better. Because the result, modern technology has been delivering people specific advantages including ways pertaining to fast conversation, the improvement of traveling, and good health proper care medical treatment. However , loneliness, world destruction guns, pollution, and sameness of lifestyle happen to be brought by modern tools, too. Intended for the additionally side, we can get the fast ways of interaction through modern technology, without this everything could be the same. At present, people can get hot reports from any parts of the earth very quickly by making use of E-mail and Internet. Furthermore, telephone-local or/and oversea is playing a key function for people to communicate to with each other. Following, modern technology offers the convenience of traveling type one destination to the different faster than previously. Now, we certainly have aircraft that may make quest shorter, for instance , before if you wanted to go to France (form Cambodia), you could not go by train or plane. But now people use only 12 hours to travel from, Cambodia to France by immediate flight today. So , most transportation means made with the support of technology really brings people easiness of journeying.

Moreover, medical therapy has been going well for a long period of the time with the help of modern technology. These days, the majority of the hospitals are using modern technology because the assistance intended for the procedure, for example. Some doctors make use of new devices to produce medication which efficiently cures people and prolongs the life expectations around the world. Additionally , the finding of xray enables doctors to treat some kinds of diseases. Nevertheless , modern technology won't automatically accept the good things however, many bad details. The booming of industrialization and expansion causes polluting of the environment to our world. For...