Exam: Grammatical Tenses and Luella Bates Washington Composition

Chapter 2

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L a n g s to n L u g h elizabeth s

A P lso are - L e a m i and g

1 .

Think Prior to reading

Read the п¬Ѓrst paragraph of the story once and consider it describing the opening landscape of a play. Then response the following queries: 1 . Who have are the personas in this landscape?

2 . What is happening?

3. In which and when is definitely the action taking place?

4. Why does the action take place?

your five. Do you think the opportunity encounter among people will often change all their lives? Think about chance or perhaps fate as you read this story.


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2 .

Literary Term: Dialect

A dialect contains words or phrases that reflect the regional variety of a dialect. An author or perhaps playwright will often use a local dialect to help make the dialogue even more authentic. Primarily, a dialect may be difficult to understand; it is similar to observing a foreign film with subtitles. However , the language will become more at ease as you keep reading, and the beat of the dialect will be as natural as if you were one of many characters.

The next examples of vernacular occur in the storyline:

ain't not necessarily

gonna likely to

could of could have

past due as it become late as it is


I actually didn't aim to I didn't intend to

sit you straight down sit down

We were I was

п¬Ѓx us prepare for us

Idioms and Expressions

Take note the following idioms and movement that appear in the story: I managed to get a great head to I ought to

get through with п¬Ѓnish

make a dash for this run away

had taken care was careful

collection the stand put out china, glasses,

and so forth

B Th e T to ry

About mcdougal

Langston Barnes (1902–1967) had a varied profession that took him far away from his birthplace in Joplin, Missouri. His early on love for reading books was motivated by his mother, whom often had taken him for the library. His mother as well wrote beautifully constructed wording and provided dramatic blood pressure measurements. Her job required her to travel substantially. After his parents segregated, his daddy moved to Mexico and Hughes went to live with his mother's grandmother. The lady, too, recently had an influence in the future job. She was a good storyteller, and the lady often informed him regarding the days of slavery. The maternal influence and the perception of profound pride in the people (then referred to as Negroes) are apparent in all of Hughes's producing.

At 19, Langston enrollment at Columbia University nevertheless left after a year. This individual traveled through Europe and Africa and worked by many jobs, which includes being a deckhand on a deliver and a dishwasher within a Parisian club. Money was always a problem, but this individual persevered and remained hopeful. Whether he was struggling

of sixteen

A Lifestyle Lesson

being a student by Columbia or perhaps working like a waiter in Washington, D. C., he continued publishing poetry that praised his race for its beauty and humanity. In the 1960s, Hughes chronicled the civil rights movements in the United States. This individual wrote regarding the sit-ins, the marche, the cathedral bombings, the hatred, and the hope. His poem " I Dream a World” begins:

I actually dream a new where guy

No other man will scorn

Exactly where love can bless the entire world

And serenity its paths adorn.

Hughes died in 1967. His plays, poems, and testimonies are the legacy he still left to the American people, who he hoped one day could live in racial harmony.

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Your woman was





a sizable woman using a

large bag that acquired everything in it although

a hammer and nails. It had a lengthy strap,

and she taken it slung across her

shoulder. It had been about eleven o'clock for

night, dark, and the lady was going for walks alone,

every time a boy happened to run up behind her and tried

to snatch her purse. The strap shattered

with the abrupt single tug the son gave

it from lurking behind. But the kid's weight

and the weight from the purse combined

caused him to lose his balance. Instead

of removing full great time as he got hoped,

the boy droped on his back on the pavement

and his legs flew up. The large girl

simply overturn and started him

right square in the blue-jeaned sitter.

Then the girl reached straight down, picked the boy

up by his shirt...