The Importance of Geography Composition

The value of Geography – current statement

Location provokes and answers queries about the natural and human realms, using distinct scales of enquiry to view them by different points of views. It develops knowledge of locations and surroundings throughout the world, a comprehension of maps, and a variety of investigative and find solutions to problems skills equally inside and out of doors the class. As such, this prepares learners for adult life and employment. Geography is a emphasis within the subjects for understanding and fixing issues about the environment and sustainable advancement. It is also a significant link between the natural and social savoir. As learners study location, they face different communities and nationalities. This helps all of them realize just how nations depend on each other. It may inspire them to think about their particular place in the earth, their values, and their legal rights and tasks to others and the environment.

Taken from: The School Curriculum plus the National Curriculum: values, aims and purposes, 1999, DfES/QCA. (Page 154)

The Importance of Geography – revised assertion Option One

We all live our lives geographically. Planet Earth is definitely our home. It is amazing, diverse, impressive and ever changing. Studying location invites all of us to participate more fully in the excitement, pleasure and challenge of this powerful world. This draws on personal experience, to aid us better understand the spots we live in, why they matter and how they are attached to a globalised world. Location draws via across the physical, cultural, economic and politics spheres to light up key concerns for this current and the upcoming, explored whatsoever scales from your personal to the local and the global. Through geography we all learn to prefer the diversity of landscapes, people and nationalities. Geography is usually therefore a crucial subject resource for 21st century global citizens, enabling us to manage questions of what it means to live sustainably within an interdependent community....