The Scarlet Letter Dissertation

The Scarlet Page Expository Dissertation

Doesn't payoff require more a simple sorry? Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the letter " A” to prove redemption may be feasible through one's admirable actions. As stated in The Scarlet Page, " Many people rejected to understand the scarlet A by its first signification. ” (Hawthorne 111) meaning Hester Prynne transformed the view that others had of her because of her scarlet page. The treatment from a women's wrongdoing was shortly interpreted by a symbol of bad thing to a mark of attention due to payoff. Hester engages in a variety of acts that converted her via being categorized as a terrible human being, in being an idol to the many the town. Hester demonstrates what it is like to always be an outcast in culture. When the community finds out that Hester had committed marriage act, everybody opinions her differently than before. They will only find her as a sinner and in addition they all gather to watch her be embarrassed and reprimanded in front of the rest of the town. Even though Hester did not regret assigning her sin, the thoughts of others even now affect her in a particular way. She's shameful, but is not remorseful. As proven, Hester's thoughts happen to be revealed because, " Just like all other pleasures, she refused it being a sin. ” (Hawthorne 57) Hawthorne mentions that " The exemption indicated the ever relentless vigor with which society frowned upon her sin. ” (Hawthorne 57) This kind of quote proves that world has an completely different approach to Hester because she will have a scarlet letter on her breast. During this time, Puritans looked at Hester's sin in the same way contemporary society opinions murder, which explains why everybody can be repulsed with her due to her take action of coition. The following quotation demonstrates Hester's shame toward having to have on the notification " As if the notification were not of red towel, but trendy iron. My spouse and i shuddered, and involuntarily let it fall upon the floor. ” (Hawthorne 60) This quotation displays the severe psychological scarring Hester feels from being a mere,...

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