The Use of Technology or New Media in Advertising: Essay

The use of Technology or fresh media in advertising:

No more do we discover brands being built around a 30 second commercial. In the past there have been a large number of brands such as Coke that have gained institution and achievement by landmark the 40 second business but this scenario has changed overtime, however,. Today because of the fragmentation in media a fresh generation of advertising can be been finding. Changing and improving technology is permitting advertisers to tell their reports in an successful and custom-made way other than the traditional means of advertising. Brands like Google have accomplished immense coverage and benefit through little or no traditional marketing. There are many reasons that have led to immense utilization of technology and new press today. Lifestyle - Our busy lives give us very less time to spent watching tv or read newspapers. We all spent most of our period at work or perhaps home ahead of the computer. All of us also have gadgets like androids, tablet PC's that continue to keep us linked to work at every times. The few hours that we get to get ourselves will be spent with family or socializing. This sort of changes in existence have transformed our techniques for getting information through the internet or cell phones. Internet is usually increasingly becoming an integral part of our contemporary society since several years right now and is traveling agents and companies to double all their efforts towards this gimmick. Television that was once the ideal medium to market is now mare like a luxury channel. Hundreds of TV channels, elevating clutter, net, smart phones and also other gadgets have caused traditional mediums for being less eye-catching. However the growing internet around the world and the difference in people's way of thinking have made internet the most appealing channel of advertising. New technologies have an advantage to be relatively inexpensive over traditional press. These low costs of new media and increased ease of access have transformed the surroundings of advertising today.

Benefits of the practice:

1 . Advertisers can easily acquire consumer...