Titration Research Essay

Exploration 8. 4- Titration Examination of White vinegar

Prediction: We all predict the amount concentration of acetic acid in a sample of vinegar is 0. 83 mol/L.

VCH3COOH (aq) = 12. 00 milliliters

VNaOH (aq) =?

CCH3COOH = 0. 83 mol/L

CNaOH (aq) = zero. 145 mol/L


Sodium hydroxide 100 cubic centimeters

Acetic acid 60 mL

two hundred fifty mL beaker x 2

Distilled drinking water x you bottle

Erlenmeyer flask back button 1

Burette x 1

Pipette back button 1

Pipette bulb x 1

Volumetric pipette by 1



Step 1- Collect materials, put on eyeglasses and apron.

Stage 2- Dump 50 mL of acetic acid into one two hundred fifity beaker and 100 milliliters of sodium hydroxide in to another two hundred fifity mL beaker. Step 3- Clean burette, volumetric pipette and pipette bulb with distilled normal water. Step 4- Use a channel or just the beaker to pour the sodium hydroxide (not over head) in to the volumetric pipette. Use the pipette and the pipette bulb to collect 10 cubic centimeters of acetic acid and vacant into Erlenmeyer flask. Add a few drops of phenolphalein to the flask. Let 9 mL from the sodium hydroxide drain into the flask, placed underneath the volumetric pipette until it finally turns pink. Step 5- Record benefits. Repeat next step to determine even more results. Step 6- Tidy up workspace, put away materials and safety equipment.



Qualitative/Quantitative: The acetic acid + phenolphalein changed pink quicker, and turned a darker color of pink when more sodium hydroxide was included in it. For every trial, we all added at least on the lookout for mL of sodium hydroxide to the acetic acid + phenolphalein.


CH3COOH (aq) + NaOH (aq) Г INGESTING WATER (l) + NaCH3COO (aq)

V = 10. 00 mL V = 14. 00 mL

C =? C = 0. 145 mol/L

According to the evidence obtained, we concluded that the amount attention of acetic acid in a sample of vinegar is zero. 1595 mol/L.

0. 1595 x your five = zero. 80


% difference: 0. 80-0. 83 sama dengan 0. 036 x 90 = a few. 61 %

0. 83

% produce: 0. 70 = 0. 9638 x 100 sama dengan 96. some %

0. 83