Transcription Productivity Study Dissertation

Healthcare Details Week eight graded job

Page 195: 17-2: Transcribing Productivity Study

1 . )Total lines typed per MONTH simply by all three transcriptionists: 99054295 2 . )Total lines typed annually by all three transcriptionists: 1188651540 3. )Average number of lines typed annually per transcriptionist: Susan = 440656200, Martha = 439356150, Diane = 308639190

some. )Total lines predicted to get next finances year = Admissions – 56, 500, Consultations sama dengan 45% of all admissions and Surgical procedure(s) performed sama dengan 75% coming from all admissions. 5. )Additional transcriptionists = 1 ) 1

Web page 196: 17-4: Systems Flowchart

1 . )

Page 207: 18-1: Expense Planning

1 . )For utilities, as well as office materials, filing program, etc . installment payments on your )FIXED: hire, insurance, insurance VARIABLE: support staff (if paid on an hourly basis and several hours per week vary), medical and office supplies. 3. )Costs of doing business inside the central New Jersey area range, however you can expect to use at least $300, 00 per year for the modest sole doctor solitary practice in NJ. When we researched this query, several resources went since far to gauge the usefulness and feasibility of a solitary doctor start-up practice in NJ. four. )Estimated sufferer revenue to stay in business each year is $450, 000. five. )Given the low reimbursements given by medicare/Medicaid with the growing number of uninsured, as well as the longer A/R process in medical procedures it is a overwhelming process for a medical provider to get to this standard of patient earnings from companies. 6. )Fee-for-service and capitation greatly differs since fee-for-service is incurred per line-item or assistance provided which usually incentives suppliers to do more treatments, etc . Capitation can be where a supplier is paid out a arranged sum of money to supply care into a particular affected person. This is prevalent in maintained care ideas, most notably, HMO's. 7. )Benefits include to be able to share the fixed costs (i. e. rent, home insurance, processing systems, etc . ) Detriments include unequal distribution...