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On Haier's core competencies

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[Abstract] In today's constantly increasing pace of competition, the enterprises should be achieve lasting development, we have to have a particular competitive edge, access to one of the most fundamental source of competitive advantage is the main competencies. Pertaining to Haier, the inexhaustible capability to innovate can be its main competencies lay. Haier's development throughout the business strategy, promoting, management, corporation, ideas and institutions in numerous aspects and areas of the enterprise which in turn integrates all of the resources to continue to play the benefits of Haier, Haier and create tremendous value. �


In today's accelerating pace of competition, the enterprises in order to achieve eco friendly development, we need to have a specific competitive benefit, access to one of the most fundamental supply of competitive benefits is the main competencies. Primary competency is definitely the development of potential industries is not just key to the near future development and is continuously based on a variety of new products and providers. The face of complex and volatile market environment and increasing competition among enterprises, and only to improve core competencies in order to assure a permanent business operations, and achieve environmentally friendly development. �

1, Haier core competencies of


Haier Group, as being a more than twenty years the size of continuous growth and expansion, business has always been to maintain upward impetus of the huge manufacturing organization groups, many experts and students in recent years has become dedicated to the analysis of it, and with any luck , we can get and learn from the ability to retain the same long lasting industry, competitive advantage, and in the same industry-leading puzzle - Haier's core expertise. Combination of assumptive circles the idea of core expertise expression and Haier's...