Essay about Wall Street Extra Credit

Within this essay, I will be discussing different forms of electricity held by character Gordon Gekko, a big-shot investment guru who may be both full of knowledge to get his game and just as arrogant. Electric power is a huge topic within this movie as Gordon Gekko throws his excess weight around and shows his prestige and dominance above society as well as main personality Bud Sibel. The specific conditions within the concept of the power that I will cover will be Legitimate power, Reward electric power, Coercive electricity, Expert power, and Referent power. The first electric power I will go over is Legit power, an idea that is the main reason why Gordon Gekko is most likely the type of person he is. The sole reason Gordon Gekko can be the cocky person he want to be is because he could be " legitimately” knowledgeable. This individual knows the ins and outs of knowing how to find information in order to predict the stock market. This individual knows how to shape and find details in order to produce a scenario that may be ideal for his plans. Also because of these factors and his knowledge, other people mutually agree that he possesses and warrants his power. The next electrical power I will present is the Prize power. Gordon Gekko displays this electric power because he is within control of Bud Fox's " reward. ” As the group can see, Bud Fox idolizes Gordon Gekko and really wants to be recognized by him. Through the entire movie, Bud Fox must perform many tasks for Gordon Gekko in order to try to impress him. The only reason this can happen is because Gekko has electricity over the " reward” that Bud Fox may get; that is, if Bud Sibel can get rich and learn in the great Gordon Gekko.

The next capacity to consider is definitely the Coercive electricity. This electricity is very like the previous paragraph's ideas because not only can Gordon Gekko control Bud Fox's rewards, but also has complete control of his " punishments. ” If Bud Fox would not perform in the manner the delighted and impressed him, then simply Gordon Gekko could just ignore and shame Sibel. It was obvious that Gekko had this power...