Where I Come From Practice Essay

Exactly where I Are derived from

In " Where I Come From”, poet Elizabeth Brewster portrays the differences life styles between city-dwellers and country-dwellers, with a very clear bias for the latter. Brewster also conveys her belief that people will be defined by place that they live in. Stunning imagery, framework, and graceful devices, are used by Brewster to convey the contrasts among city and country lifestyle.

Vivid images, created by simply Brewster, conveys the contrasting elements of city and nation life. In the first stanza, Brewster describes city your life to be tedious and artificial. The " almost-not-smell of tulips” identifies how town planners mount " tidily plotted small squares” of flowers in jest of " spring”. The neat plots of tulips symbolise the lack of creativeness city individuals have - every thing must be in perfect, mathematical squares. The type is artificial because it is regulated by the people in the city, and is also too ideal, rather than organic and widespread. Energy, by default, is disorderly. The paradigm of artificial beauty can be reinforced the moment more " art” is usually " tidily plotted” within a " museum” with a " guidebook”. Brewster illustrates the regular city art gallery, where skill is sparsely hung and presented in a tidy, statistical manner. The observers with the art are unable to interpret that for themselves, that is why they need " guidebooks” to tell them. Brewster also accuses metropolis people penalized conservative and too repeated, when the girl paints typical city scene picture of your " water feature in the center”. On the other hand, " where” the lady " comes from”, individuals are more totally free, and characteristics is authentic. The " acres of pine wood” paint a picture of an expansive forest, to freely roam, versus a dense city. Hens work in " circles”, like hens do, " clucking aimlessly”, since they are free. The " blueberry patches” and " violets” create imagery of traditional, beautiful character - that they can can still include without designed infrastructure or excessive funds, ala " battered...