Zoltan Dienes’ six-stage theory of learning mathematics Composition

Zoltan Dienes' six-stage theory of learning mathematics

Stage 1 )

Most people, when confronted with a situation which they are not sure how to handle, will engage in what is usually described as " trial and error” activity. What they are carrying out is to freely interact with the specific situation presented to them. In trying to resolve a puzzle, most people will randomly try this which and the additional until some kind of regularity in the situation begins to emerge, after which a far more systematic problem solver behaviour becomes possible. This kind of stage is a FREE PERFORM, which is or should be, quick all learning. This is how the would-be student becomes familiar with the situation which he or she is presented.

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After several free testing, it generally happens that regularities appear in the situation, which may be formulated since " guidelines of a game”. Once it can be realized that interesting activities may be brought into perform by means of rules, it is a small step toward inventing the rules in order to create a " game”. Every game has some rules, which need to be observed in so that it will pass from a starting state of things to the end of the game, which is based on certain conditions being pleased. It is an extremely useful educational " trick” to create games with rules which match the rules that are inherent in some item of mathematics that the educator would like the students to learn. This is often or need to be the essential aspect of the part of the learning cycle. We're able to call this kind of stage learning to play by the guidelines, as opposed to the free learning attribute of level one.

Level 3.

Once we have got kids to play many mathematical online games, there comes a point in time when these games may be discussed, in comparison with each other. It truly is good to train several online games with much the same rule structures, but employing different components, so that it should certainly become evident that there is a common core to a number of different searching games, that may later...